About us

About us



Is a non-governmental non profit Palestinian organization; established in 1996 in Ramallah – Palestine. Its services cover West Bank and Gaza. 

Al Muntada's mission is to encourage the young generation to use and improve their thinking skills and contribute to building Palestinian civic society by scoping its work in education. 

Al Muntada's approach is to provide an environment for the young women and men where they feel free to think, research and seek knowledge. 

Al Muntada's Philosophy is OBSERVE – LEARN – CREATE. Thinking critically is the umbrella of the three stages. Teaching children to think critically is the very powerful method to create a democratic and liberal society. 

Why education of children? Al Muntada's intention is to achieve historical fundamental and positive changes regarding its mission, which is democratic society! The topic education of children is obviously the field, where basic elements of democracy can be conveyed. Democracy however, is a corner stone of a civic society. A choice of democracy in a society can only be made by open - minded and liberated citizens, who were taught freedom of expression in their childhood age by learning questioning and arguing in all issues. The very first start is though to enable school children to think critically, logically and creatively.