Filming Critically

Project Background

The idea of this project is to introduce the students to the field of conflict resolution. They will learn how to identify a conflict and propose a solution. They will then be introduced to the art of Animation.

They will be asked to write scenarios of conflicts in their daily life and then produce an animated film discussing the conflict and a proposed way of resolving it.

 Overall objective

The project overall objective is developing student critical thinking by linking between the conflict resolution.

Main activities

The project will include the following activities:


  1. Introduction on conflict literature, and learning some skills on conflict resolution, and how we can spread some values that increase the good faith and tolerance among children and students.
  2. Organizing a training for 50 hours to twenty-five (25) students who will be selected carefully to train them on Animation and film making, and help them build and tell their stories.
  3. Train the participants on Sound Systems, Montage, shooting, directing, cinema language and animation.
  4. Developing the audio-visual culture and creativity of the participants.
  5. Using the new technology in documenting the stories and experience of the participants

Key target beneficiary population

This project targeted school students aged between 14 to 17 years old from two schools at west bank.